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Become a member!

You’re passionate about live, in-person events. 

Maybe you enjoy participating in them, but you are definitely fired up about being on the other side: being the creative force inventing great experiences, the productive force wrangling all of the variables in an event, the empathic force delighting in the way events connect people, or the strategic force utilizing live events to drive forward long-term plans.

You’re interested in finding others like you. 

You may work with public science events full time, but it’s more likely they are only one part of your professional role, a side gig, or a volunteer role. What matters is that you are interested enough in public science events that you are eager to connect with others and talk shop. 

You’re curious about how “science” fits into things, even if you don't use the word often.

Maybe you’re curious about how the values of your science-related mission can come to life in public events. Maybe you’re curious about how integrating science into events can support, connect, or create change in your local community. Maybe you’re curious about how mashing up science and culture can make things more interesting, provoking, or fun. You probably don't exactly identify as a scientist, but you're likely curious about how people use the word "science" differently.

Sounds like you belong here!

Membership is free.

All members must meet three criteria.

Members must be oriented humans operating in the US or Canada

We welcome new members with an orientation and introductions to other members. In turn, all members are expected to respectfully honor the collegial spirit of the relationships they build here. Membership is about fostering genuine human connection. As much as we appreciate our colleagues in other regions, we only have the capacity to do this in the US and Canada (for now!).

Members must participate actively in our community

Every member should be in contact with other members every year. There are many ways to do this. To help, each member is assigned to a regional group. Part of this participation also involves providing information about your activity every year, which can be as simple as completing a short questionnaire.

Members must be affiliated with an Event Initiative

Members are affiliated with live, in-person events that connect public audiences and science/STEM in some way. This should be reflected with an affiliation to at least one Event Initiative registered at As the word “Initiative” implies, these are not one-offs, but ongoing campaigns (such as an annually recurring festival, an ongoing event series, all of the public events associated with an organization, etc.). If this doesn’t fit your situation, we’ll try to find an arrangement that does.*

*To those that are just starting out, are events alumni, or are event researchers/evaluators: We know you belong too, and we're working to include you. Reach out to us, tell us why you are interested, and we'll let you know the moment we're ready.

Start your membership (Soon)

Starting membership just requires filling in a simple form for yourself and your Event Initiative....

...but we're intent on building a real community of practice, so the next steps take some human contact. We'll actually want to have a conversation with you and introduce you to other members. At the moment is in Beta mode, and our ability to add new members is limited. We are eager to emerge from Beta and open membership up sometime in mid-2024. I

Interested in membership when we're done testing? Want to jump into a Beta test group? Already see your Event Initiative here? Reach out to us for any of these reasons, tell us why you are interested, and we'll let you know the moment we're ready.