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2022 Summit Is In the Works

We've missed two years in a row of Summits.

But we haven't lost our abiding belief that

live, in person events are a part of human nature.

Public science events may

look different in 2022 than they did in 2019.

They ought to: Things have changed.


But events have always adapted to the moment.

That's part of what makes events so powerful.

And it's why we still need to get together

with our live event friends. 

We need to sort out this cultural moment together.

But how's it going to go in 2022?

When and where are we going to meet?

Will it be big or small? One meeting or many?

Same format as in before-times?


We're working these things out, and we'd like your help.

Share your thoughts using the "Get In Touch" form below.

And stay tuned!

About the Conference

Plans for a Sunday evening public event are currently suspended.

Catch a live streaming event from Caveat five nights a week.

Public Event

Plans for the main conference program are cancelled. Some online meetings are planned for June 1.

Monday & Tuesday

A full day Science In Vivo workshop was planned for Sunday, May 30. Planning for this workshop is currently suspended. The in-person workshop may be postponed or cancelled.

Pre & Post
Who comes to the Summit

Quick answer: Anyone with an interest in live, in-person public science events.

The Summit brings together public science event

organizers, evaluators, collaborators, and sponsors.

Past meetings have averaged between 100 - 150 attendees.

Many are professionals, but for most event production is only one part of their job. Whether you are interested in massive science festivals or intimate science cafes, high-production stage shows or community-based science experiences,

you’ll fit right in at the Summit.


2020 marks just the third meeting of the Science Events Summit,

but the Summit conference is a continuation of the

International Public Science Events Conference (IPSEC), which first met in 2011.

2020 Summit Sponsors
2020 Summit Hosts
2020 Summit Collaborators
2020 Summit Organizers
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