Thank you for attending the 2023 Science Events Summit!

During the 2023 Science Events Summit, the community came together to plan the next evolution of our work together. Together we rolled up our sleeves and set the direction we can collectively shape the public science events community. We focused on the importance of language, addressed our values collectively as a community, and it became clear that the power of connection is a driving force for the work we do together. Please be on the lookout to see how you can join in and the next steps in the year ahead.

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Schedule At a Glance

June 4-6, 2023 | Atlanta, GA

Sunday, June 4

  • Arrival in Atlanta
  • 6:30 - 8:30 Informal happy hour, dinner provided

Monday, June 5

  • 9:00 - 5:00 Summit sessions, breakfast and lunch provided
  • 6:30 - 9:30 Summit dinner, included in registration

Tuesday, June 6

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Who comes to the Summit?

The 2023 Summit is going to be different.

Since 2011, the Summit has been the unique gathering for anyone with an interest in public science events. By 2019, the professional community of practice emerging around the Summit was robust and growing. Then...well, we all know what happened to live events in 2020. Now that public science events are once again active, that community is also ready to grow. So this year the Summit is dedicated to preparing for the next evolution of our community of practice.

In a typical year, the Summit experience is designed to uplift and inspire event organizers. This year, we'll use our time together to set the direction and shape of our community of practice. More time will be dedicated to considering decisions about what we want to do together in the future. If you are interested in drawing on your own experience to work towards a supportive community that moves us all forward, then you'll find this meeting uplifting and inspiring. Please join us!

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