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2024 Call For participation

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Science In Vivo Call for Participation Closes 8/1/24

This Call for Participation is for any team that would like to add science to an existing community event before 5/31/25.

It is open to teams from both science-related organizations, and community-oriented organizations with little or no experience working with science.

All teams responding to the Call will be included in the project.

A limited number of teams will be selected as Demonstration Sites, receiving resources and support customized to their needs, and $2,000 for participation.

Respond to the Call for Participation

The Details

There are two ways to get involved in live events: start your own, or join someone else's. There are benefits and costs to each approach.

If you are interested in starting a new stand-alone science event initiative, you'll find many friendly and inspiring colleagues here at, including with the associated Science Festival Alliance.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in adding a science experience of some kind to an existing event, Science In Vivo may be for you.

Science In Vivo’s open Call for Participation is for teams that would like to add a science layer to an existing cultural event or community gathering before May 31, 2025.

We hope this Call is answered by both teams with science-related missions, and teams that already run community events but have little or no experience working with science. So whether you're comfortable in the halls of academia, on the sidewalks of Main Street, or somewhere in between, we're calling you!

Specifically, Science In Vivo supports “situated engagement,” activity that integrates into the social setting and cultural context of an event. This is typically distinct from the established practice of having a science organization set up their usual educational offerings at a table or booth. For more on what this can mean and look like, please spend some time at

The current Call for Participation closes on 8/1/24 and is only open to action taking place in the US and Canada.

Every team completing the Call for Participation form by 8/1/24 will be invited to join the project. You will gain free access to the project’s resources and supportive network. Accessing those resources and network will require becoming a member at (a straightforward and free process).

A limited number of teams will be selected as Demonstration Sites, and notified by 9/6/24. Demonstration Sites will join a supportive cohort led by an experienced captain. Between Labor Day and Memorial Day the project will be developing supportive resources to share broadly, and will do this by designing resources that directly serve the needs of the Demonstration Sites. So Demonstration Sites will receive customized support, individualized attention, and the chance to showcase their work to a professional audience, but participating in this will require a greater commitment of time. In acknowledgement of that commitment, Demonstration Sites will receive $2,000.

The main criteria for selecting Demonstration Sites will be the potential that they will have to serve as a basis for the project's goal of producing helpful resources related to situated engagement. It is anticipated that there will be a roughly equal number of community-oriented and science-related organizations selected as Demonstration Sites.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!