2019 Summit Call for Participation

The Science Events Summit is a peer-to-peer meeting. Whether your name appears in the formal conference program or not, every participant has the potential to make significant contributions.


The 2019 Call for Participation invites creative conference proposals on any topic relevant to live science events, and in any format. However, selection for the conference program will prioritize proposals that connect to the 2019 Summit’s three main themes.


2019 Summit Themes

  • Community First Collaboration

    • Some possible questions to address with this theme: How do we push our collaborations beyond simple transactional relationships? What prevents us from embracing the full potential of community first collaboration? Is it actually desirable to give those we claim to serve the power to make decisions that affect our work? Does involved collaboration take more work than it is worth? Are live events uniquely situated to help institutions begin this work? 

  • Exploring Scientific Authority

    • Some possible questions to address with this theme: How do our events reinforce notions of who science is for and who can be a scientist? How do we embrace “mutually informing dialog” while placing a higher value on scientific evidence? What’s the best way to help scientists participating in events balance their own expertise with the other voices in the room?

  • Magnifying Collective Impact

    • Some possible questions to address with this theme: How do we better advocate for events by showing that each is an essential piece of a larger strategy? What is unique about the way that events can foster new connections between organizations and groups? Are we missing opportunities for public science events to work together in common cause? What products or networking structures will be most needed to advance our sector in the coming years?

2019 Summit Opportunities

Please note that Summit organizers are not able to respond to every submission. Do not spend excessive time wordsmithing a proposal: we would rather hear several rough ideas that interest you than get one polished proposal. If an idea seems like a good fit, you will be contacted to fine-tune it before it is included in the final conference program, and you may be asked to work with session leaders other than the ones you list.


Each section of the Call for Participation form asks questions about a different opportunity, but note that Topical Conference Sessions have an earlier deadline. Please fill out as many as you like. The sections include:




These sessions will focus on a specific topic of interest to a significant fraction of conference attendees. Topical sessions must have take-away lessons for attendees, such as best practices, the results of experimentation, recent findings, and/or analysis. These hour-long sessions will be carefully prepared in advance, with Summit organizers matching session format to spaces available at the venue.


MARCH 15, 2019




These sessions will gather attendees around a common interest. The general goal of networking sessions will be to share examples and information, while learning from the collective experience of attendees. Session leaders should prepare some content in advance, and have a clear plan for facilitating group involvement.


APRIL 26, 2019

round tables


focus groups

These sessions will bring together small groups for involved discussion related to a very specific goal, issue, question, or common practice. Session attendees can be recruited ahead of time with the help of Summit organizers to ensure a suitable mix of experience is represented.


APRIL 26, 2019



Fired up about something related to public science events, but not sure how it fits into the Summit? Whether it’s a first-hand story, a short video clip, a performance piece, an evaluation finding, a hands on interactive, or…well…something weird, we’ll do our best to work into the schedule.


APRIL 26, 2019

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